About Us

About the Owner

Hi there ! I'm Leann, the creator behind Saya Jewelry. Outside of this shop, I'm just an 18 year-old college freshman from Los Angeles currently studying at UCI to pursue a career in healthcare. I love r&b music, watching Korean dramas, and poetry (Rudy Francisco anyone) ?

A big part of my shop is my experience as a Filipina-American. Having been born in the Philippines but raised in the US resulted in a battle of not feeling enough for either side of my identity, but I grew up always being proud of my roots. It's a continuous internal process, but I hope to share the entirety of who I am with all of you through my work.

all love,


Our Origin Story

I've never considered myself the most artistic person, but I began making jewelry in the spring/summer of 2020 over quarantine. I started with simple charms and moved onto wirework which has stuck ever since ! Eventually, I created my first Filipino-inspired earrings which has blessed me with the support I have today.

Saya Jewelry (originally Mayari Co.) was founded as a way for me to save up a bit of money for college applications but has grown into a means for me to express my creativity, explore entrepreneurship, and share my culture with others. Saya is short for masaya, the Tagalog word for happy. I stand by keeping your peace and finding happiness within yourself, and that's what I hope to spread to everyone who supports this shop !

Your Impact

Around every restock or so, we research organizations and nonprofits for causes we believe in so with every purchase made, a portion of our revenue goes toward donations that make the world a brighter and happier place ! Thank you for making it possible for us to spread the love ^_^

Additionally, Saya Jewelry has carefully selected our packaging to be as eco-friendly and cute as possible ! Nearly every component is reused, compostable, recyclable, or made of recycled material to take care of our environment. Please remember to recycle your package after opening and be kind to the earth !

Organizations Donated To :

United Nations World Food Program

Various Street Vendor Funds